Saturday Prompt

“I may physically wear skirts, but remember who really wears the pants in this relationship.”

Royalty Free Photos – Top Four Websites

I make book covers, along with a whole slew of other small graphic design things. I wish someone had informed my of royalty free sites when I first started designing my covers, they’ve made life so much easier.

For those of you who want to get into graphic design or want to make your own covers, here are a few sites you can use without worrying about permissions or legal trouble.

You don’t have to join to make use and download the awesome and amazingly high-quality photos, but when you make an account you can favourite and organise the photos you may want to use later.  As is the case with all of these sites, I have an account for this reason; I’m not too fond of filling up my hard drive with photos I may never use, no matter how breathtaking they are. Continue reading

Saturday Prompt

Black twisted lines dripped from your mouth and spilled to the floor, your lies had become your undoing.

Character Lookbooks

I’m finishing my first draft of my novel We Fall Down, which means I’m getting ready to outline, timeline, and tear down/rebuild my characters as I fix/change the plot.

A massive thing that I’ve found helpful is creating lookbooks on Pinterest: this was actually something I learned in one of my film classes and it’s been really fun to experiment with them in writing.

Lookbooks are not the same as aesthetic boards, they’re not based around particular emotions or a theme but rather the complex person/people/worlds you have in your movie, or in this case, story.

So, you may ask, what exactly is a lookbook?

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Saturday Prompt

We built love on a platter made of dust and we watched it crumple into a river of gold.


Part Two – The Cool Stuff

In the last post of this mini series I explored, in my opinion, the very best blogs that I’ve found on tumblr. Yet, there are some many other amazing blogs on the website. As I mentioned, I believe, in my previous post, I’m breaking this all down into digestible bite sized chunks of information, so that you can excel in your own storytelling.

Today we’re getting to the more gruesome stuff, I guess, that we all are guilty of researching.

Fight scenes? √

Forensics and Murder? √

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Saturday Prompt

“I hated to think that we were so different, but maybe she was right. Maybe I’m not suited for you at all.”

Let Your First Draft Suck

I learned a lot during NaNoWriMo last year. Most of the things I learned can be applied in our daily writing so I want to expand on some of the ideas that I came across as I was pounding the keyboard. Today I’m focusing on the first thing I learned: something every writer preaches but hey, sometimes you have to actually experience something before you’ll believe it.

It’s your first draft: let it suck!
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Writing Update – What Happened? Life.

This was also posted my website, blog and tumblr. 

A lot has been going on for me lately; personally, academically, online and mentally.

Those of you who know me from Wattpad know that I posted a new short story collection on Wattpad, then took it down two days later. You may have also noticed that I also took down almost the rest of my stories leaving two still posted. You also realize that on March 1rst I was supposed to reveal the chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel: We Fall Down, it didn’t happened.

What happened?


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