Most Helpful Blogs On Tumblr If You’re A Writer – Part 1

I’ve been exploring blogs that are geared towards writers and writing, these are a few of the best that I’ve run across. These blogs are filled amazing wells of information and run by some pretty neat people who take time out of their lives to help us make or stories the best we can make them. They all hold droves of amazing content that I find especially helpful when I’m building worlds, characters, relationships, and story lines.

Disclaimer – all of these blogs are dedicated to helping writers, we prefer that you use them only for such.

Writing Prompt-s

This prompt blog is the best blog on the entire website and if you were looking for a reason to join tumblr, well, here you go. Want to be over run by amazing, inspiring ideas that you don’t have time to write?

You must follow this blog.

I have so many of his posts, and posts submitted by his followers, saved as drafts for the day I’ll finally have the guts to try and write them justice and slowly but surely I’m getting there.

The guy who runs this blog is amazing, sweet, and takes so much time out of his day to make a positive, encouraging and humorous environment for writers to relax in.  Hands down, one of the best people and the best blogs on the ridiculous site that Tumblr is.

The ScriptX Family

Started by @scriptmedic or Aunt Scripty; the ScriptX Family is a network of some pretty neat people who answer asks and write posts on a large array of subjects for writers, ranging from flowers to languages to autism.

The first blog from the family that I ever followed was actually @scriptautistic. I haven’t in the past written with an autistic character, nor do I plan to in the near future – Sorry, guys – but I enjoy learning new things and filing posts away for later, just in case.  The blog also touched my heart as in my childhood I knew a boy with autism and so many questions I had were answered in a very informative, easy to read and comprehend, way.

The other blogs started showing up in my ‘recommended blogs to follow’ and I was so overjoyed to discover there were more blogs dedicated to helping us writer’s understand different aspects of the world.

The list of scriptX family members:

(check out all the scriptx family members!)

 Writeblr Connectsold-1130742_1280.jpg

Writeblr Connects was launched very recently and I am already a member. It’s a blog dedicated to helping writers connect together with other writer’s of similar tastes, genres, personalities, etc…

I already know the writer who runs the blog via beta testing the blog, they’re very sweet and genuine!

The blog’s layout is very quaint and neat, with little stories scattered throughout it and the blog’s admin is looking to expand the blog to add a section for beta reading and such.  If you’re looking for other writer’s to connect with I 100% recommend this blog.

Who are your favorite writing blogs or blogs that you find helpful on tumblr?

Part Two will be up later this week along with Part Three! I’ve broken each part up into three blogs, as a little birdie told me that things are best remembered in chunks of three!

Stay Safe.



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