Part Two – The Cool Stuff

In the last post of this mini series I explored, in my opinion, the very best blogs that I’ve found on tumblr. Yet, there are some many other amazing blogs on the website. As I mentioned, I believe, in my previous post, I’m breaking this all down into digestible bite sized chunks of information, so that you can excel in your own storytelling.

Today we’re getting to the more gruesome stuff, I guess, that we all are guilty of researching.

Fight scenes? √

Forensics and Murder? √

Disclaimer – all of these blogs are dedicated to helping writers, we prefer that you use them only for such.


How to Fight Write

This blog is amazing, utterly amazing. So many things I didn’t even realize I needed to know.  As I’m currently writing an action novel some their tips and answers have come in handy and I know it’ll come handy again.

In PROJECT Lemonade and We Fall Down, I have a couple of fight scenes that I was able to visualize in my mind and get out on paper but as I’m rewriting the story I want to make sure some things make sense, that’s where How To Fight Write comes in. Informative posts, that are also understandable and easy to read and full answers to our questions, even if sometimes they’re a bit ridiculous.

So, you have a character who wants to beat someone up and you’re not sure what’s realistic or what might work, go browse the tags of How to Fight Write.

Fantastically Factual Forensics

A very valuable blog for foresnic information on Tumblr.  All of you who are concocting your murder mystery and are concerned about rules, real life situations and how to handle a crime scene: here’s the blog to check out.

I haven’t come across any circumstances yet that require my diggin into the forsenic world, although I’m sure it’ll come up some day the way I’m writing, but the posts and answers I have seen across my dash have been articulate, easy to understand, interesting and informative.

All my mystery and crime writers, this may be the resource you’re looking for.

What are some blogs you use for the crime/fighting knowledge your stories require?

There are only, two blogs in this mini post so it’s a bit on the short side but both of these are blogs that I have been following long enough to be able to put them up there in my list.

Next time I’m talking about prompt blogs: my top five.

Stay Safe.