Saturday Prompt

“I may physically wear skirts, but remember who really wears the pants in this relationship.”

Bite Sized Advice

Your story’s emotional structure is just as important as the external/action structure.

Things that the MC is feeling emotionally can cloud his/ her judgement, and cause them to make bad decisions.

The Beginner’s Guide To Writing A Lot. – Camp NaNoWriMo

First timers: Listen up

I’m doing a little series the first week on April to go further in depth on some tips and stuff but I saw a post on my dash and I was instantly inspired to write something because you can never have to many opinions. (*clears throat* ‘hypocrite,’ I murmur to myself.)

Camp NaNo isn’t about writing 50k, so you can set your own goal… blah, blah, blah. I’m working on 65k this April – a lot, I know, but it’s because I’m rewriting my NaNoWriMo novel. The stuff I’ll be talking about are things I used to write 51.8k my first NaNoWriMo, last November, and I also used them the time I, stupidly, wrote 9.5k overnight to hit a deadline (‘I do not recommend this.  Do not try this at home kids – and young-at-heart adults,’ I let out a small sigh before continuing.).

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Royalty Free Photos – Top Four Websites

I make book covers, along with a whole slew of other small graphic design things. I wish someone had informed my of royalty free sites when I first started designing my covers, they’ve made life so much easier.

For those of you who want to get into graphic design or want to make your own covers, here are a few sites you can use without worrying about permissions or legal trouble.

You don’t have to join to make use and download the awesome and amazingly high-quality photos, but when you make an account you can favourite and organise the photos you may want to use later.  As is the case with all of these sites, I have an account for this reason; I’m not too fond of filling up my hard drive with photos I may never use, no matter how breathtaking they are. Continue reading

Saturday Prompt

I couldn’t see past the twisted knots of the fence you built but I knew there was still a heart beating in there.

Bite Sized Advice

Make your main character face their most crippling fear. It’ll make or break them and either way you have a powerful story.

Saturday Prompt

Black twisted lines dripped from your mouth and spilled to the floor, your lies had become your undoing.