Part Two – The Cool Stuff

In the last post of this mini series I explored, in my opinion, the very best blogs that I’ve found on tumblr. Yet, there are some many other amazing blogs on the website. As I mentioned, I believe, in my previous post, I’m breaking this all down into digestible bite sized chunks of information, so that you can excel in your own storytelling.

Today we’re getting to the more gruesome stuff, I guess, that we all are guilty of researching.

Fight scenes? √

Forensics and Murder? √

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Most Helpful Blogs On Tumblr If You’re A Writer – Part 1

I’ve been exploring blogs that are geared towards writers and writing, these are a few of the best that I’ve run across. These blogs are filled amazing wells of information and run by some pretty neat people who take time out of their lives to help us make or stories the best we can make them. They all hold droves of amazing content that I find especially helpful when I’m building worlds, characters, relationships, and story lines.

Disclaimer – all of these blogs are dedicated to helping writers, we prefer that you use them only for such.

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myWriteClub vs Pacemaker

Both myWriteClub and Pacemaker are amazing resources if you’re trying to set a goal, with a deadline, and stick to it.  Both of them are websites that give up the capability to set a goal of a certain amount of words by a certain time (e.g. 50,000 words by November 30th 2016.). I use both of them and love them both for different reasons.


I love myWriteClub because it has a very clean, simple, non-distracting design which comes in handy because it also includes the ability to sprint with others around the globe or to set a custom sprint.  I’ve learned that I write best when I’m just getting the words down and completing against other word counts.

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