Bite Sized Advice

Your story’s emotional structure is just as important as the external/action structure.

Things that the MC is feeling emotionally can cloud his/ her judgement, and cause them to make bad decisions.

The Beginner’s Guide To Writing A Lot. – Camp NaNoWriMo

First timers: Listen up

I’m doing a little series the first week on April to go further in depth on some tips and stuff but I saw a post on my dash and I was instantly inspired to write something because you can never have to many opinions. (*clears throat* ‘hypocrite,’ I murmur to myself.)

Camp NaNo isn’t about writing 50k, so you can set your own goal… blah, blah, blah. I’m working on 65k this April – a lot, I know, but it’s because I’m rewriting my NaNoWriMo novel. The stuff I’ll be talking about are things I used to write 51.8k my first NaNoWriMo, last November, and I also used them the time I, stupidly, wrote 9.5k overnight to hit a deadline (‘I do not recommend this.  Do not try this at home kids – and young-at-heart adults,’ I let out a small sigh before continuing.).

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Saturday Prompt

I couldn’t see past the twisted knots of the fence you built but I knew there was still a heart beating in there.

Bite Sized Advice

Make your main character face their most crippling fear. It’ll make or break them and either way you have a powerful story.